Hole in the Floor.

There was a soft spot by the door when I bought the Trailer and it has… well…. turned into a large hole which is also being fed water by a leak.

Soft spot:


aaaaaand as you can see, a large part of the wood surrounding the door is wet. It explains the soft spot. It shouldn’t be a problem to replace the water damaged wood… problem is: where is the water coming from? That will be explained next time… after I find the leak (and hopeflly fix it).

on a happier note, I cleaned up, got rid of the lights and the buckets of tar (theyre under the trailer now until I have time to bring them to the “special rubbish” at the local dump)



I started taking apart the inside of the trailer. Very fun!!

First I moved the lockers to one side, out of my way. Next came the Door frame (of the inside door, in the separating wall) Then came the wall covering to one side and I discovered a steel frame. My hopes of an open space were crushed. What to do… what any woman would do….. Break that B**tard into little pieces and RIP IT OUT!!!

So the big guns came out and did some destroying. And lo and behold, it was a steel frame but it wasn’t permanently attached to the main frame of the trailer. It was put in at a later date… thank god!

So down came the walls, lots of drilling, smashing, breaking, cursing and finger hitting. The light switch was taken out of the framework and reassembled on the loose cable so it still works, now its just hanging there.

Unfortunately I left my metal-drilling bit at home (i.e. the thing that goes in the front of the drill) so I couldn’t dismantle the whole frame because I couldn’t get 3 steel-nails out that attach the frame to the floor. Thats for tomorrow  🙂   I did however manage to break two soldering joint with my she-hulk abilities and brute force so the rest should be easy to take out once its not attached to the floor anymore.


Let there be light.

Just received an email from my (amazing!) boyfriend telling me I left my lights on… He connected the electricity so I now have power in my trailer  🙂   The smiley face is spray painted on the middle wall which will be taken out.

These shoes are made for…. displaying!

I’m currently building a scaled model of my Trailer to design the inside. Needs to be well thought out before I go putting stuff in it.

In this Foto you can see my bed construction, the shelves that go on either side with connectig shelf (for the shooooooes!!) and the curtain that will cover up all the stuff I’ll be keeping under the hightened bed. And not forgetting my pretty floorboards!

Here you see the corner-seating area… the table isn’t built yet but the red cushions are already present. The wall/shelf thingy beind it will be a semi see-through shelf with a narrow storage cupboard which keeps a good bit of the draft away from the peolpe sitting on the seats but still lets you see through all the way to the front of the kitchen if you’re sitting on the couch. The shelf/cupboard isnt built in 3D yet.

Here you see the bed/couch construction. Both arm rests and the back of the couch will be removable. That way you can use the bed if you need or you have a large couch (my bed is 2m long… so it’s a big couch)  As in the foto, the bed clothes can just be kept behind the back. The pieces slot into a holding system screwed onto the walls of the Trailer itself… or maybe the bed construction, not sure yet. I hope this works!!  I love my flowery couch already. haha.

And here’s the view from the sofa to the front of the trailer, where the kitchen will be. Also along the left side when looking to the front will be a wood stove and the already existing gas heater…. and probably a small commode and shelves too.

I’ll make the rest of the interior when I get a chance. It could be a while before I finish it.

I love it already  😀

Getting hottttt in here.


Most important things first, the heating had to be checked and turned on.

We connected a gas bottle and tried our luck with the heater… it produced a small flame every once in a while but wasn’t able to sustain it.

Off to the hardware store for some break cleaner!! (or anything that squirts pressurised alcohol/air)  Take out the valves and squirt some cleaner through it…. and lo and behold, it shot the valve clean.

Screw it all back together , spark it up and warm your toesies by the fire  🙂   It gives a horrible shriek when the pipes first heat up, sounds like i’m killing someone. It stops though after a few seconds.

Home sweet home.

The Trailer

The Trailer

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The beginning.

Welcome to my Trailer Tea Party. My name’s Ciara and I have bought a Construction-site Trailer (Bauwagen) which I will renovate and then live in 🙂 A little unconventional, I know. This Blog will bring you along the wonderful renovation-road and all the way to the final Product; my home. I hope you enjoy it, can learn from it and are inspired by it.