rolling, rolling, rolling.

Unforeseen circumstances meant that I had to move my trailer on Sunday night.

Luckily my boyfriend’s neighbour has a John deer and is a really nice guy. So on short notice (i.e. called that day, picked up tha day) my trailer was moved about 60km outside Munich. Which is annoying for the renovation but hey, can’t please everyone.

We filled it with everything I had stowed away under it, packed it up, closed the windows and waited for a tractor to come pick up my home.


The John deer took it no bother. It didn’t even huff!


This was my view then for the ride. We stayed behind to make sure nothing happened.  My trailer was very good, he followed the tractor all the way to his new home.  It was weird to see it drive. It’s chassy is so narrow compared to the actual trailer-body, it looks so funny!!

Thank you Mr. Neighbour  😀



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