Wet Floor



In the last post I said that the floor by the door was wet… weeeeell… there’s a lot more of the floor wet than I thought. I opened up the lino in some places to have a look. I found A LOT of dark spots and wet spots, very wet  spots.

which means: floor must be replaced.

Here’s a wet spot. DSC_0771

It goes to about here (dark part)


To find out where the water was getting in we went and attached a hose to the fire hydrant out on the street  (the place has to running water so we use a hydrant that attaches to a mains pipe in the road, it counts the water that goes throuh and we pay that amount then, pretty much like any water meter…. i know Ireland doesn’t have them but in Germany you have to pay for clean water.)

So, hose is attached, drag it to the trailer and make it “rain”. Boyfriend on the ladder playing the rain-god and I’m inside watching for leaks.


we took the paneling off beside the door (by the first wet spot) to see if we could see the water coming in.


yes, yes I could see it coming in.


oh god, everywhere!



We packed away the hose and began planning the new Rainpipe. The broken drain was definately the cause.

But because of the other wet spots I also took the paneling off one half of the trailer…. luckily it started raining so we could see first hand what the rain did. (a hose isn’t the best “rain” because it is much stronger, usually, and a lot more water is expelled on one area than when its actually  raining.)

So the trailer inside went from this: DSC_0778

to this: DSC_0786

And we found this:

WET!! Wet walls, wet glasswool, wet floor, wet everything.


I tore up a part of the floor with the help of a friend and we found water…. wet water. The wood of the floor had turned nearly black because it was so wet, it smelled pretty awful too!!



No point in sitting around whining about it… its wet and its going to stay wet unless I do something about it.


To the drain-pipe store!!!


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