oh… hmmm… not good.

So to continue on, I took down the gas heater and ripped out the last of the walls. I tested a small part of the floor in the corner and found it to be wet. I tore open more of the Lino floor covering (it came off really really easiy because of the wet floor boards). The wood underneath that part was so wet I could nearly stick my finger through it without much effort…. I definately could get my hammer through it without any effort!!  The glasswool underneath had compressed to about a third of its size due to it having soaked full of water.

eh… I wouldn’t stand there if I were you  😛


I think I have provided enough evidnce that the floor is in fact wet and does in fact  NEED to be replaced…. shame I’m the one paying for it  😦  Not a good idea being your own ladlord!!


and yes, my hammer is also a bottle opener. Most essential tool for any builder!! If you can’t fix it by hammering, get hammered yourself!


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